Monday, October 06, 2008

Went to dinner with Magnus

Hung out with nice folks, made some new friends, I didn't have any clown stuff, it was just dinner.
After the meal the two of us sat for a spell deciding about Last Thursday and such matters.
My gal "O" was with her family celebrating her birthday.
I had hoped she would tell her fam fam about me but the time waaasn't right yet.
Think of how hard it would be to tell your folks you are in a commited relationship with a gypsey king who lives in a bike.
It don't help that I'm the same age as her folks, hope they know I take good care of her.
I chased away all her demons and helped her get a job, when she is having health problems, I'm there with her, we really hook eachother up.
Maybe if Magnus and I establish a new clown house building, she can help me run it.

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