Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rocking Frog Open Mic Night?

I tried to work out the Open Mic Rocking Frog but I hit a lot of brick walls.
It's done, it tanked, they seemed to want the magic without doing the support part.

People keep saying "How can your other events be packed with people but not the Rocking Frog Place?" well, all the other gigs have owners and crews that help me.
Other places also get me advertising and back me up on equipment.
It's hard to get an event going and harder to make it successful, I need all the help I can get, theres a lot of competition in Portland.
I started it off with a bang, created stir, made hype and promoted but in the third week I lost the two crew members that were actually making it work with me.
I think the owner may have not wanted it to work out, he replaced the gal who was a mover and a shaker with a lady who didn't give a crap about it at all.
People would ask me "what happened to Jaime and Michelle? now theres a rude lady and a man who wont even smile?"
They were looking at making a ton of money but I guess they wanted the magic without the's sad.

I feel let down, I had to turn a lot of regulars away last night, they were mad as hell, not at me, at the manegment.
One fellah told me the last owner of the shop was much better , I dissagree that shop failed from bad manegment too.
It was a fun place to park my house and a neat parking lot to work out the circus acts.

When I have my open mics, I look at other cafes and bars on the street, usually my gig has lots of people and the rest are empty.
I don't think I need to prove myself at this point, I just have to spend the winter moving my operation back to Alberta street where I belong.
I consoled myself after the gig by moving my bike to a new place I want to try doing gigs at.
I called "O" and she took a bus to where I was, we spent the night in my house bike talking and watching the 1980 movie with Shelly Duval and Robin Williams "Popeye" together.

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