Monday, October 20, 2008

my place

I can’t get over it, my house is well made.raining like god dumping his piss bucket on us and my house is dry and warm inside.
The roof is getting hammered by weather and I will have to resurface the thing before the weather gets really bad.
I started a spell called “Castle Keep”, it’s gonna run for three months or until I’m done with it.
I have scrawled it in runes inside my house so I see it everyday.
I wake up, stretch, (do body stuff), put on the song I need to program the day and meditate until it’s done.
It’s hard to hold concentration even with the crutch of music.
If I was a more talented wizard, I would be able to go into deep concentration without help.
Right now (in my house), the sun is coming out after lots of rain, I opened the shades in my windows and the place is full of light, I laughed out loud with glee!

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