Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Had a day off with the Kallisti

I spent last night doing nothing other than being treated like a king by the Kallisti, mostly the one called "O".
They summon me, I come from the wasteland, we rejoice!
I am made to feel like a knight, I'm actually more of a wizard but for for the Kallisti, I'm a large stack of man and the knight roll is more apropos.
You better believe I will protect them like a knight and a wizard if ever called to, when their hands caress my skin, pet my hair, bathe my body I feel like a beast, I feel in company with the Goddess we all touch each other well.
I have real romance with one of them and just cant keep my hands off the other one.
This morning we were in bed in a pile, we were loving each other and petting, my eyes rolled up into my skull in ecstasy, I can't imagine doing this drunk or on drugs, that would SUCK.
My girl "O" explores me like I'm a new car with lots of toys, I'm so glad to be wart free she kisses me all over, we took a two hour bath.
I had a dinner of meat and veggies, made for me by "O" and we devoured it at midnight in a field under the blurry stars of SE Portland.
We had santaria candles burning for light and we looked at each other like "Who is this fascinating creature?"
She ate meat for the first time since age ten, she liked it, I hope she won't get sick from it.
Finally, I'm in as good a shape as I was last year, at this time.
I waited and waited and my reward finally came, I'm in this peaceful state now, content and immune to any feminine charms thank God.

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