Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm not used to being taken so well care of...

It's hard for her to do nice things for me sometimes,I'm so used to being alone.
She said that I flinch and she can tell I do everything for myself because I never ask for anything.

She is happy to clip my face, trim my nails, feed me and love me like I never been before.
She makes time for me and all of our parts fit well.
I shirked band practice to be with her last night and today I feel like I was swallowed by a whale.
We both have big hair and big mouths they tangle together in the most luxurious ways, I'm lucky and I'm not taking it for granted.
Last night I ate a burrito she made for me off her cute naked butt as she lay on the floor reading WOW!

I make sure to be a saint for her too, she is sensitive and taking things slow and gentle always wins the day.we have explored lots of places inside and out.

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