Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm in front of Chance of Rain cafe on Hawthorne

I'm spending my Sat. resting and healing my two over worked feet.
I blew my legs out last night on the Behemoth and on my House Bike, too much blasting up hills and careening into stuff, promoting and showing off.
My girl O was late for her bus so I put her on the back of the Behemoth and shot from Powell to Hawthorne up lots of hills and in a big hurry, I could feel her hand rubbing on the small of my back as I pumped away and remembered that I don't just like heavenly hands on me, I need Heavenly hands on me.
But her inspiration came with the price of overworking my leg joints.

Well, the open mic night at Essential Elements was a little lack luster, most of the crew that supports the event was out of town.
It really makes a difference when people back me up like Muddy Waters Coffee House does, the events there are always big and wild and fun, I make great money and have a great time.
I'm amazed that people come from far away to see our little open mic show...A frikkin OPEN MIC SHOW?
This last Thursday show was off the hook, there was a belly dancer named Kelly Clark, Zach and Sara did a neat guitar and violin combo and there were the usual side show stunts and foolery by the new crew.
We still don't have any prospects for a circus name, I think it will come when it's really needed.
I may be the Clown House if things on Alberta go the way they are pointing.
Speaking of being backed up by the powers that be, we have a stage to ourselves on Alberta street for the Last Thursday events, thats huge.
I'm going to split the stage time up between my circus and people I choose from the three open mics I host each week.
Open Mic people like to be seen and I'm gonna bring them in front of thousands, they will be so stoked.
After the show, all us clowns gotta mount tall bikes and do what they pay us to do, traffic and crowd wrangling, this time we will have some big water canons and maybe fire (cops willing) and I'm sure we can clear the streets even faster than last month.
My friend Meghan really did me a sweet favor by getting me a phone, I'm very grateful (for her in general) before, I was using a tracphone and it SUCKED! She wasn't having it and took me to the mall to get a phone and put me on her plan, When my patron Magnus found he could get hold of me faster than email he pitched in $20 and was very happy to do it, this is a man who once gave me $40 to stop rolling in broken glass, it held me back for that day but next show...y'know, gotta work.
OH yeah....
A short movie about me is about to come to a big silver screen someplace in Portland, I will let you know where and when soon.
This guy that I call the Ron Howard of Portland did a short documentary about me last month, I met with him last night and looked at the art work, it's sweet, it looks like the opening credits to "The Good The Bad, and the Ugly" in that all the images are over exposed and colorful.
And now , just for fun...
Heres a photo of the donkey I wish was my bike!

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