Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are your dog's nails long?


I have seen lots of things in my life and since moving to Portland, even more, I like to reflect on cold mornings.
A cold morning reminds me of adventures, old and new, I like to play the music that I was listening to at the time of whatever chapter I'm thinking of.
The first cold morning of fall always brings me back to foggy mornings on Highway 10 down in the deep south, (I used to take walks during the mid 90s that went for hundreds of miles), I was insane.
I would leave telling my friends and family that I was going "on a walk" days later I would wake on the side of the road or in the woods to a chilly morning in Alabama or New Mexico, Florida, Dallas Texas, Minneapolis all over.
Once I woke to a cold morning in the swamp, in Louisianna, all my bedding was wet so I had to give it up, I didn't care I was adventuring and looking in amazment at the gray and green colors of that part of the world.
I would look at the faces driving down the causway to work of wherever, I was wet and cold but I was smiling, most of them looked like wasted lives, pushing cogs and full filling other's dreams.
You know who picked me up a lot?
People who do their own thing, folks who are their own boss.
I spent quite a few cold mornings in the corporate circus and some carnivals, when I think of that reality it triggers the smell of animals and deisel fuel in my mind.
If I let my mind go I remember cold mornings in Corpus Christi waiting for the school bus, I try to forget those memories...Texas sucks!
OKOKOK, not all Texas memories are bad, cold mornings also remind me of my father warming up a truck for work and blasting Rush or ZZ Top for the 8 am neighborhood, my dad was a cool dude.
I also remember a cold morning where I went to the garage to find our dog had puppies, one of those little dogs would grow up to become my best friend for years.
I also remember some cold mornings that I was up all night playing Dungions and Dragons, never went to bed, foggy mornings would find us plodding away from the game house to a place called "Boy's Canyon Tunnels" a network of drainage culverts that took us all around underground, we would split up and drop into opposite tunnels each with weapons and tortches.
Anyone in the tunnels (not with us) would'nt have noticed the two factions finding eachother until they did, and all hell would break loose, friends would beat the crap out of each other with sticks and stones, once a guy had saved up a bunch of inch long roaches from his house and dropped them into a morning battle from a grating overhead, I was scraping a guys face across the side of the tunnel wall, when all of a sudden a cloud of giant roaches fell into my face and we all ran like hell, it was cool to have a place that was so infested with animals (gators, roaches, snapping turtles, rats) that none of the Corpus Christi Citezenry would EVER go down after us.
Recent cold morning reflection, remind me of cuddling with Lil Ass in the attic room I had, we had a very long hug the other day and I remembered how much I enjoy her company (we hug with our lips sometimes).
I saved a blanket I used to hold her close to me, we had danced some spells post Clown House, lost touch and when I gave up on ever seeing her again I gave the blanket to my kid, now pop, here she is living blocks away from the children's house.
Coffee is way better on a cold morning, I used to wait for fall so I can enjoy the ciggs and coffee on the doorstep, it's the best wat to enjoy tobbaco and java, smokes are what killed my dad so I dropped the ciggarettes, I'm into the coffee still, this cold morning I'm going to "Coffee Lovers" on Foster SE, just behind meticon bikes, the woman Lisa is entertaining and acts more bartender-ish than barista-ish her man and I may start up a Dungions and Dragons game soon at the cafe, he has all the stuff.
One of the potental players is a lawyer, the other a cafe owner, I wonder if there are any sizable tunnels for us to bash each others heads in after?
People who didn't like cold mornings:
Napolians troops invading Russia,
Hitlers troops invading Russia,
those guys were not fans of the cold.

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