Tuesday, August 05, 2008

show tonight

Dig this....I conned Chervona, Alex magic, Joe the blues man and a hole bunch of other friends to join me tonight (Tue.) at Rocking Frog Cafe on 25th and Belmont.
It's spossed to be an open mic but so many of my pro friends are comming it may be more exhibition.
Sounds like a lot of our extended Portland Circus family are showing up,
I'm expecting a huge deal, it's to bail out a slow moving cafe, I may project a movie over the top of it all too.
I have constructed a flame cannon and there is a huge fire pit here.
I would love to see you tonight or on Thursday down the street at Muddy Waters Coffee House on 29th for the regular open mic.
then on Sat. I'm doing a gig in sunny Long Beach Washington for Jake the Aligator man's birthday (ROAD TRIP!!!!)
Contact me with questions if you like.

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