Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OK it's tuesday morning

I woke up on Hawthorne across the street from the Apothecary near 32nd street.
It was a bright morning, across from Chance of Rain cafe, they were closed for Burning Man, so no coffee today, I had to move here to where I'm hosting the open mic tonight.
Last night, Lacy called and asked if I wanted to live near them and have dinner.
She invited me to come over and hang out with the witches of the apothicary!
I had to do some monkey buissness so I didn't get there for an hour of so.
We decided to make the biggest plate of nachos ever, they had already soaked the beans !
We hung out, playing music, taking photos, singing and chasing each other around.
I wanted to ask Lacy and Jen to my house bike to cast some specialty spells but I need to get to know them better before revealing that much to them.
I want to paint my bike before I activate all the magic stuff.
They had one important element that I like,...they invited me.
As I hung out there for a few hours, I began to find the reality that all of the witches are stunningly attractive...including me.
It's creepy, I'm not trying to boast, I'm scared.
I'm just saying that I have been sober and away from the ciggs for a long time, I pull a house bike all day and ride a tall bike so I am really strong, plus my hair is long, I haven't been in this good a shape since I was twelve.
I have been studying magic and science since disproving the bible at about the same age, I'm really smart.
So it makes me afraid because at this moment in time I'm spiritually, mentally, and physically at the top of my game, emotionally, I'm a train wreck so I'm keeping myself way reserved.
People come to me all the time with their problems, they cry on my shoulders and yell at people with me being the proxy and sounding board, I don't want to be bawling about love lost to the hottest pagans I ever saw.
Most of the pagans I ran with in Texas were male, ugly and gang members.
I found this pagan community that are kind, gentle, full of good ideas and they are all gorgeous, even the children, pets, plants, the owner and her husband, all stunning.
If you are ugly, you should go see them, they have ear candles, tinctures, herbs and healing.
They have a magic shop but the only top hat you will find in it is on my head.
I think it may also be that they eat really healthy and take good care of their spirits, maybe it's just because we are in Portland.

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