Friday, July 04, 2008

I may be thanking my lucky stars things went the way they did, I usually do.

I'm staying at Alabama Joseph's house in SE P town, I'm guarding a cat and some plants for two families who are on vacation.
They have a cat that hates being alone, I moved in last night and enjoyed a shower and some TV, I think they thought I would sleep in the house but I actually just like being in my house, it's kind of like a kennel for me.
I did wear all thier underwear and jumped on all the beds before retiring.
I'm writing from Sound Grounds on Belmont street this morning, the music is on here but I have Jethro Tull's "To cry you a song" trumpeting so loud in my head I cant tell whats playing, the hot coffee has just made it's first rush down my gullet, too much sugar, it's sickly paradise.
It's a bitch making sense of it all, doncha think?
y'know the universe, life. everything in between etc.
I'm contemplating humanity as a whole, what a bunch of screeching apes we are hahaha!
Most monkeys are banging rocks together looking for fire, I have one rock, one coconut and a rubber chicken.
"OH MY GODDESS!" twice I got thrilled almost to falling off this flat earth; girls sang to me.At the Tin Shed, as I walked in to report for work, a woman with white dread locks and two arms full of tats started singing to me, "Dingo- Dingo _Dingo, Go Dingo Go Dingo!" It ripped through me whole body like wind in the sail of a tattered pirate ship.
The essence of what it triggers in me is the POWER OF THE MUSE, it's the needed and most expensive ingredient to my art, music, magic and passion as a whole.
It conquers depression with room to spare for me yall, I get drunk on it.
I feel like with the right partner I will be able to float through a walls and drink whole oceans.
A castle, tools, food, children who survive and the power of the muse, weave a magical tapistry.
Someone was introducing me to a Tin Shed staff member and I was still blinded and in awe of this woman's innocent encouragement.
I had never seen her before, she was sooo hot I almost fainted.
In retrospect I think it was hot outside and I had just drug my bedroom from SE PDX to NE, I was already fainting but still.
Then when I was riding to my base from the cafe a car pulled up next to me full of girls (like 25-27 yo)the one in the passengers seat had her head in folded arms and she was looking at me like I was her dream date she won in a magazine.
She was singing "Dingo I love you! Dingo we love you!".
You don't even know man, thats an eyes rolled in the back of my head, overcome by magic, spirit ego, soul power, all I want to do is succeed at whatever the two of us decide...and then get her pregnant.
I can overcome my feelings and just be happy to wave and keep rolling, it's the Portland way.
I know of lots of people that have intimate moments with strangers on the Max or in a park and never persue anything farther, like crying together or holding hands, those are two I know of off the top of my head.

Last night I met a man who was bigger than me, older, had more security than me by far and he was so scared of the world I wanted to sink a tomahawk into his head.
Oh yeah, I have a pair of haunted moccasins that I wear, they inspire me to run silently through tall grass, they tell me to take out soft targets, luckily, I'm run mostly by a primal force that A) in unawear of humanly issues and B) isn't a tool user anyway.
I have my battle ax at Nathan B.s' house for safe keeping, when I get my castle, I'll get my tools back.
I'm normally not so easy to rile up but I have known this guy for 8 years, I'm just not gonna hang out with people who get me down, angry or blow my cover with extra loud fear.
Caffeine can tell you, I can smell fear from 10 yards away at least, my reaction is usually hostile if it's coming from my ranks.
Panic is bad!
I know this may sound like I'm a homicidal maniac, I'm not, but it's just my way of staying alive in situations where cleverness is just as important as luck.
I can't imagin hiding from the Romans/Persians/Huns/nazis/CIA/ Whastever-bullies and having a small child to keep quiet...what a nightmare...that is my greatest fear and I'm so glad every time I see my son and daughter make advances twards growing big enough to fend.
They could still get taken out by a war or bus or spouse but I want them to have some tools.
I saw this lady grab her boyfriend and make him go with her, he wanted to finish his exotic coffee drink but she wanted to go shopping, she was a brat, he caved and handed me his drink, Y'know why?
Cuz she was smokin hot.
I felt bad for him and good for me... then "bad for me" because he ,(like quite a few folks) thought I was a Homebum, or should I say Housebikebum.
My wallet can't close because it's full of cash but since I live in a house bike people think I'm bumming.
I'm not gonna get a castle by writing a lot of rent checks!
I use science and magic to make my own luck, always have.
People always suggest that I go camp under the bridges where the Home Bums camp, WTF?
I'm allergic to desperate people, see, my house made of tape and foam.
It pisses me off to be talking to someone and they stop to beg off a passerby, it looks like I'm a beggar too, I hate that behavior.
I'm not going be too harsh on parasites, sorry, I will say something nice about them, ring worms are cool looking.
One guy said. "So how long do you think you will be stuck in the house bike"?
"Stuck? I love where I live", there's a nice painting of me and my bike on the wall of Muddy Waters Coffee House.
The barrista Sara did it, you should go over there and see.
The Open Mic went so damn well last night, I made some good money because the place was packed and people were drinking and eating lots of stuff.
Page the Village Idiot did his wonderful set and then played the star spangled banner while I rode a tall bike full of fireworks for the people.
I wish we had a whole summer of gigs to do together but he has to go back to the South West USA at the end of the month, you can come see him next Thursday if you want.
Some nice fella used his open mic time to propose marrage to his gal, she accepted and now they will remember old Dingo the Clown forever as the face of the day he proposed.

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