Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life is good... life in Portland is great.

I went on the "Win a bike date with Dingo" date last night.
It was a bit soggy I'm afraid...and cold.
We made the date for Thursday, the winner/victim, called back and reminded me that it was the holiday, she had to leave town.
,We decided to meet after her work and go riding.
All day I was so excited to meet a girl from the internet, I've never done that, it seemed so fun and random...and it is.
I got ready to go, my circus friends were too into sewing and toking to go with me so I embarked alone, one man vs. the elements
and a woman named Jennifer (Glee).
I'm a powerful man with knowledge, wear withal and worldly intellect...but as with grammar and camping, I suck at navigating.
I overshot her place like a phantom jet fighter chasing a paper cup.
looking up her work address on the Google maps I was astounded at the details it provides and yet I still flucked it up.
Like an angel or a clandestine, government agency, Google lets you drop down out of space and see street level of where your going.
Thats really great because I don't know the Portland street names as well as landmarks, I'm a visual guy and I've only lived in Portland for years and years.
I got to my bike and realized I didn't have my house keys (as usual), I had to traipse back up the 20 stairs to the house and checked the fridge.
I don't keep my keys in the fridge, I just forgot what I was looking for on the way up the stairs.
I guess my mind was full of thoughts about my blind date.
I have never lived in a house that keeps beer for so long, there is always beer here.
I think the only beer drinkers at this house are the slugs in the back garden, and maybe the hippy.
I got my keys and took off, six blocks away I hesitated, went back to the house and got another coat.
Yes, flying down Hawthorn I was cheered on by the tourists, I pretended they knew I was on a date.
I overshot the place, backtracked and found her work.
She was working late because her staff was lollygagging so I hung out in the parking lot with a drunk line cook.
It was neat to be kept waiting in anticipation to meet someone I only knew by phone, thats what this exercise is all about.
She came out and I remembered her from the stands at a bike fair and a few other gigs.
She had pretty brown eyes that looked like she had just been dealing with puddin heads.
We got on bikes and rode to an overpass, she took a photo of a sign, told me she had to leave early
the next morning to Newport.
I told her that I understand (I didn't mention that I knew that would be the case,) we went down some streets leading to the
Hollywood Transit station.
She said " I think I'll take the Max home tonight, hugged me goodby and split.
My feet were cold and my clothing soggy from sweat and rain, I was cold.
After leaving the transit mall I rode onto the sidewalk, in the dark headed home when it hit me...
A tree branch hit me in the head as I was looking down at my bike investigating a new noise.
I was wondering if the date had gone as badly as it felt and looking down when a tree branch as big around as a loaf of bread creamed me.
I remember thinking "What the?" and another branch popped me in the face almost throwing me 10 feet to the ground.
I had to make some maneuvering happen to keep from falling into traffic, it was hairy, at least I wasn't cold anymore.
If you look at my pith helmet you will see the imprint of the branch clearly, I was rolling downhill at the time.
I had met someone really nice at the Goodfoot last week, we only had spoken for a short time and about nothing much, but the chemistry was all over us, we almost held hands from the gate, coool.
I went to Stark street and went in, I quit drinking by going to bars, I wandered to the pinball and played 50 cents worth of Lord of the Rings.
I guess I looked right at her and didn't see, as I left and got on my bike, she ran out and said "Howdy fella, whatcha doin?"
"Lookin for you."
She must have pretended I wasn't creepy because she smiled.
We agreed to meet again soon, I felt less cold and soggy.
The two encounters were universes apart from each other.
My senses had one hell of a night, the sparks, lack of sparks, cold, warmth, fun, boredom and Portland herself gave me a run for my money.
It's all part of enjoying life.
I went home and got into my cozy bed.
I went to sleep wondering how I could be so ugly, hansom, brilliant and stupid at the same time.
Life is good, life in Portland is great.

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Anonymous said...

I did not mean to neglect my duty to date chaperone. You will never date alone AGAIN!