Sunday, August 26, 2007


I'm hunting for space for some of the remenants of the Clown House, mostly the two kids dog and Caffeine.
They have been having a hard time finding new digs.
As you may know the Clown House is taking a Gentri-vacation from Alberta street and we havepretty much scattered to the four winds.
Ood and I have rented apartments on Hawthorne street, Bizzy and Banjo Dave have gotten rooms in St.Johns and all the traveler kids are finding new dumpsters to sleep in.
I tried to give away or at least send off some of our best bikes but I didn't get much response so I'm gonna saw them into little pieces and give then to the scap metal guy.
The big thing is Caffeine, the dog and the kids, it's only a week from splitsville and it's a little unsettling.
Caff thinks she has some good karma for letting so many folks stay with us over the years, hope shes right.
Any of you guys have any ideas as to where to put the fam?


ladycakes said...

I have a short term solution.

email me at

ljacts said...

I'm pulling for you.