Monday, August 06, 2007

Ramp of Death

Merica sporting a Bike Diaper and announcing the Ramp Of Death!

While doing the Ramp Of Death maneuver during our show the other day, I had a wonderful moment.

I had cast a spell for a week to get some matters dealt with emotionally and mentally.
Oh yeah, I use the wizard skills whenever I can, been my religion for 25 years.
I decided my spell would end when I did the Ramp of Death part of the Red and Black show.
When the time to do the stunt came, I found myself soaring way up in the air and careening full speed at an inferno.
Will hangs out under the ramp 10 feet below, I can never hear what hes saying because the fire is so loud.
I looked around in one of those moments where time flows slower in the blink of an eye.
The crowd was cheering, Bizzy and Merika were taking care of business the light from the blaze plus my distance from the ground gave me a wonderful view of the whole scene.
I noticed the spell as it ended, I shivered and remembered asking for it to end on it's own.
then it was over, we did the rest of the show according to the script and went home. I had a mini meeting with some friends, then I knew my spell worked and told them about what I was up to.
I feel much better, Chops Mom took some video, I think to scare Will's Mom.
It's linked to the title above.

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