Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new surroundings soon, how wonderful.

Someone stole a bike from us, it's easy now that we cleared the bad bikes, the yard debris acted as camo for the expensive stuff, just the back yard, obstacle course was a brutal deterrent for bad guys.
They stole“Jane's II”one super tall bike and a stupid thing to steal when drunk, the guy took off at about 4am, I could hear him giggling as he rode off on it. I was too exhausted to give chase, I had done two gigs and was in the office tending wounds.
Eventually Ood found the bike near some kids with a $20 tag on it, Ood took the bike back just in time for me to determine that we don't need that bike and it can go home with a foster human, we will dig those bikes up when we get the new Clown House started..
The “yard sale” is taken as a free box by most, thats ok. all our extra stuff is moving away without us, thats good.
Most people move “With” their belongings like suckers, then when the moving company sell all the stuff by the pound to the mafia, they lose their minds because they lost all their crap.
We can get new crap anywhere...everywhere.
We tried to get rid of some garbage in dumpsters last night but everyone was out at 2am looking at the lunar eclipse.
It was hard to do anything “stealth”unfortunately, our mission was hard won.
As I was returning home I reflected on the current state of affairs in my far so good.
Today I was up early after getting to sleep late,lots of work here unfolding the house.
I'm mostly doing it all myself and it's HARD, luckily I have some tight friends backing me up, Ood is always close and ready for action, The Grope wishes he could ride all three of his bikes at once, Kitty Litter helped me through some tough times just by having tougher times and Doc keeps building bikes...i like that.
Thats who I roll with every day, my kids are around here a lot too.
I also roll with the traveler kids, two came in today one was really sick they look young, I gave her some juice and food and she got better, they are camped in the empty garage.
I helped Doc take the Clown House Bike shop treasures to his house, he had tons of tools and now he has more.
I made a set of tools before he took the shop away, I wound through his basement passages unfamiliar with the room and got the feeling that I would be exploring another house and new surroundings soon, how wonderful.
I remember moving into this Clown House and relishing the fact that I didn;t know my way around and most of all I didn't know where to buy beer.
Today I sent entirely in the saddle, going here to do this, there to dump that, Agent Lapis from the Sprockettes came over and we took the above mentioned stolen bike to her house for safe keeping.
I can't wait to get into the new digs, I'm gonna sleep for a whole day.
The kids are gonna live in a safe, happy, child proof environment away from welding, Boooze bottles, knife throwing, wild dogs and all the whole Pandora's box full of fun.

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