Wednesday, August 08, 2007

new house ,new crew?

My friend's dog died, it was sad.
I took a bike ride with my buddy so he could talk about it and feel better.
On the way back a voice called out"Hey are you one of the Clowns from Alberta?"
I stopped and went back, there was a violin playing and I saw a group of people sitting around a table having a birthday party.
The woman walked up to me with her hand out and said "walk with me....".
She took me on a little walk past some heavily gardened houses pointing them out one by one.
"This is Rachel's house, you helped her with a bike a long time ago, she owns that house now."
She showed me lots of houses and introduced them as an "intentional community" it was neat.
We wound around the block and she showed me this big house with a two car garage and a long winding back yard.
"I think the clowns should live here."
It's a nice place.
They said to go talk to the Potter who owns it and lives across the street, they say he likes us.
I would go meet him now but I need some loyal, undistracted, partners so I know how much I have to offer for rent.
I don't want to live with any of the folks who are waiting for me to do all the work, they suck.
Quality friends come soon enough, I took the last of the current clowns (Will)and Dave,the banjoist to see it, they were stoked.
The new name for the show will be "The Clown House Circus" and if you think you have something call, write, or somehow contact us to set up an interview/audition, this is a great time to hop on, people split right when we were getting most successful, the world is your oyster.
Wish us luck!

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