Sunday, August 05, 2007

I wrote Eric Bang about a jackass

Hey Eric,
Julia got here...and I'm ready for her to leave.
> She came, name dropped "Eric Bang" and then
> got drunk, invited creepy friends to stay with her
> and keeps congradulating herself on what a
> great house guest she is.
> Do you know this person?
She said that when she was a kid, her bus left her
at a cafe we were at.
Story goes, we laughed our apples off at her and told her what we did for a living.
She said it inspired her to get into show biz.
I have yet to see an act or any potential for one just
loud and boozy.
it's a pity, she's a real charmer
> Everything else is ok.
> \Dingo
he wrote back,

"I thought I might have to warn you about her. She
said she got kicked out for bringing some guy home.
Told her she should have gotten kicked out for being a
guest who invites home other guests. SHe hung up on
me and havn't talked to her (or care to) since. I was
avoiding giveing her your address and tried to direct
her to the spot on the beach I was staying when I was
there last.
Common sence told me.... If I want to sleep
with a lady, I won't bring her in as a extra guest but
find my own place. DUH!!!!
I aslo heard she was drinking and I know
that is frowned upon too. Her friend Gabby though was
a nice guest and always helped and wasn't full of
herself. She got thrown out of Minniapolis recently
too. Maybe she's just dumb."


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