Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Street Fair Report by Caffeine Jones

Well, the 2006 Street Fair has come and gone. The rain threatened a bit, but it never really dumped on us! Although, maybe it was the threat of rain that kept so many people away this year - it was a rather quiet day, especially in contrast with the other Street Fairs that we played this summer.
The parade, too, was a bit anti-climactic. The Lions of Batucada (a Brazilian-style parade band) didn't make it, so it was a quiet parade, and kind of short, as well.
And speaking of no-shows, our fire dancer also didn't make it, so the Clown House show was not what it usually is.
But the highlight of our day was SHMANARCHIST IDOL!
Talented people from all over Alberta Street regaled us with their showmanship, and an amazing young juggler named Joe went home with first prize: a $25 gift certificate to Collage!
Many thanks to Collage, for the donation, and here's their plug:
Check out their amazing selection, at 16th and Alberta, and ask about reserving the workroom for your next party! We go there for most of our art supplies, and love the place. They even carry Dawg Snax!

For those of you who missed SHMANARCHIST IDOL, all is not lost! This is a fun concept, and we want to keep doing it! So stay tuned here, for you next chance to be a star!

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D the C said...

The crowd was thin, there were fewer artists on the street than previous years, and the parade was a dud.
Did I say dud? There was no color guard, no band, in fact, the only “paradey” thing was a buncha clowns on bikes! Other than that, there was a YMCA group, and two political candidates.
One of the candidates, by the way, has got my vote: That was Lew Frederick. I don't know where he stands on the issues, but I saw him pick up his dog's poop!
As professional paraders, I think we are qualified to judge:
Quite simply, the street fair sucked because it wasn't done by the “street” that started it. This place used to be chock full of artists, and for-profit enterprises were in the minority. It wasn't so hard to find volunteers, because it was fun and didn't cost very much.
But now, the street is crowded with restaurants and other businesses who profit from the crowds who were attracted by the artists.
The artists themselves are being quickly classed out, and now we suck.
It feels like a school bus full of talented artists went away overnight. The magic was sold out; the hood didn't bring the artists up along with the street. The amazing scene that was here when we moved here, 3 short years ago, is dwindling. There might be a few good summers left, but it's almost gone.
Last Thursday still has a lot of life in it. But it won't be the same when the street is cleaned up, and the riffraff chased away. You can't force magic by hiring a horse-drawn wagon .
“HEY, CLOWNS,” you're probably saying, “You freaks have businesses, too! A person's gotta make a living, right?”
Well, that's true. And so many of the businesses over here are run by wonderful, community-minded people. Thunderbird Records, Office, and Collage, for example, have donated lovely prizes to our show – and many business people support the arts in countless ways. And let's not forget Zaytoon on Alberta street (light Middle Eastern food and bar) they came in 2nd place at the Tug-o-war invitational, they have great food, the bartenders don't mess around, and they were the only team to pitch in the $20 entry donation.
So keep up the good work, all you Alberta people, and don't let it become all about money, or the magic will be gone.