Sunday, February 05, 2006

We wanted to bring you great backstage at the roller derby pics but it was so dark, the only pics that came out on Pinga's digi-cam were in the bathroom.
After I put my clown face on, I decided to be the "Boys room valet" showing people that came in to pee to the urinals, helping with zipper problems and singing. At the end I would ask them if everything came out alright and wait for a tip.
What I got was a black eye and four phone numbers.
Loco Susto was my first costomer, he didn't want my service, I didn't care, he dropped me to the floor with a quick blow to my eyeball.
It was 10 minits before the doors of the stadium opened, a bunch of janitors and food service guys were getting in a quick leak before the big rush.
Those poor fools walked into a room full of chaos clowns, putting on make up and kicking each others butts.

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