Tuesday, October 18, 2005

dirty clowns

OK the City of Portland has a problem with our huge collection of bike frames and parts, the only way to store them is side by side, in a line, thats not good enough for Portland "The city that works...you". They also have a problem with all of the stage stuff and props that propagate the yard, to them we are an eyesore.
SO instead of using the bikes to provide cheap or free bikes to working people who need them, we gotta let them all go.
I would sooner stick a wad of my own hair in a pipe and smoke it before letting the scrap guys melt the collection down and turn it into car parts so I need all of you back yard bike wrenchers and seat post pullers to come and get stuff.
Don't ask what parts we have, they are widely varied between the clunkyest huffy to the expensive road bike frames.
I'm at the Clown House 2425 NE Alberta 503 284 3328, call and let us know your comming, bring a few dollarydoos for the house fund (if you can)and get some bikes on the road.
Sorry I sound so pissed off but all we are ever trying to do is help people out and it seems that the powers that be are never having it.
We had to stop distributing free food as well and they want all the houses in town to look like nobody lives in them. I'm only opening the pile up for a few days and then I'll have to figger something else out, the inspection is gonna be before the weekend.


Jonathan Maus said...

Hey Dingo.
The city is being lame. I bet some local businesses complained. Anyways, I posted something on my site about it.

Nice to have stood on your chest Sunday night!

jeri said...

hey there, that sucks. oh portland, come on.
mississippi bike works would take any leftovers i'm sure, right?

D the C said...

I think that our pile of BEST stuff are parts that they wouldn't sell to a bike thief.
But the stuff is flying out as I write this so I think we will be OK.
I was taking it personally but I found out that everybody who has been here a long time is getting hassled, our places look like we have been here a long time and it sticks out around the shiney new high dollar shopping and fooderys.

Anonymous said...

Why Why Why? Who can we call and yell at for this?

Whats next?

Neptune Dizmal said...

Why are they killing the seas to the point of making them a desert? Why are they drilling up Alaska or dumping toxic sludge into the rivers?
There are too many people who subscribe to the ideals of the powerful government economic train wreck and the snooty madison avenue matierialism.
The right wing, lying, purtanical christians done help ether with all that suppression of science and the purchasing of retarded presidents.
Excuse me man, I'm not suprised, people suck.

D the C said...

Shut up hippy! I don't think You know what your talking about.
I created the Clown house as a gift to Portland and it seems Portland dosent want it.
I think we should keep it alive but hidden.
Maybe an underground bunker would make the city leaders happy, maybe if they would at least tell us WHAT they want cleared we wouldn't have to purge all the important stuff.
Maybe the giant spools look like trash when nobody is riding them?

jon said...

seriously, who should we complain to? ironically, the two lots to the west of you are zoned commercial... they probably can store junk however. maybe you can get a zoning variance? what a crock.

tell me who i need to complain to before i just start it randomly. i demand the right to have stages and mudpits in our front yards!!

revphil said...

i myself have lots of email addresses and am rather p.o.ed

tell which burrocrat to complain about when im talking

Vaiden said...

Oh, my dearest clowns, I am so sorry. That sucks. Why can't people see that the Clown House is a good thing? A great thing!

Everybody I know spends so much time trying to make the world a better and more interesting place -- only to get shot down by something like zoning? C'mon... gimme a break.

Really now, who wants to live in a world where everybody's house looks the same and no one rides in a big shoe?

justa said...

this really sucks! i wish there was something i could do to help. maybe there is, who knows. ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how can the city demand you take stuff off of your property? This is impossible. The city does not own your property or your stuff. Neither do the businesses of alberta street. Let's organize some kind of protest before the "inspection" what the hell is an inspection? How can the city come onto your property and inspect anything unless you allow them to? This is complete BS. This is absolutely absurd. Let's get a protest going? Of course, with the blessing of the clown house.


Anonymous said...

this is to address frank, above. specifically "how can the city tell you...?". in short they can. i am not agreeing with that, but they can.

even *if* the clowns *owned* the house, there are a pile of rules you have to follow in your yard (and even in your house). they will cite all kinds of "safety" issues first and foremost; and then "community standards" next. so sad, so true.

of course, being merely lowly renters, they can (and will/do) put the pressure on the owner.

we once had to cut our grass as the city yardstick-master came out and thought we were evil in our attempts to grow a wild field. reason: fire safety.

Frank said...

Thanks for the response. I guess property rights really do mean nothing in this country. Since they are only renters, it would be put to the owner. Although, I should say "owner" you really don't own anything if the city can simply force you to comply with their "saftey regulations" What would they do if you refused to cut your grass or clean up your yard? Fine you? And if you fought the fine? Yay for government force!


Anonymous said...

Dont give in to the city clown house. Theres a community that has your back, and we can get the legal leverage to preserve the character of Portland. This isn't the first nor the last of these types of 'complaints' where certain elites try to 'clean up' the city to their liking. Fortunately these people are out numbered by the average Portlander, and in utilizing the right channels within government they can be put back in their place.