Monday, September 05, 2005


We are helping out the Chunk 666 guys with an event by keeping the crowd back and looking for unsportsmanlike behaviors.
Here is the Chunk 666 site.
All that crap on the ground and more were being thrown at us for hours and dispite being heavily upolstered with leather chaps and armor, that night I still got hit in the ass with a fire work.
People say "I'll was busy putting out fires" as an expression, well for us and Silken it was a true statement.
heres some nice photos from Jonothan Mouse


Jonathan Maus said...

Hey Dingo:
Good seeing you at chunkathalon. Hopefully the merry antics and mayhem felt good in light of the recent craziness and sadness. It sure felt good to see all the bikes and people take over the street in the name of bike fun.

I took some photos if you're interested.

Jonathan the Jester said...

Hey Dingo.

My mail is always undelivered when I email you at fastclownetc.

What;s goin on.