Thursday, March 08, 2018

It's a great town to be a clown.

t.b.t. bloodless coup.

My sideshow acts that involved bleeding got less valuable after i quit drinking.
The big punchline to "the bowling ball drop" wasn't that I was playing banjo while some unsuspecting punter from the crowd drops a bowling ball on me.
The biggest laugh was when the stack of plates cut me and the audience volunteer gets berated by the ringmaster "Why did you break our clown?"
HA! What a riot. The thing is, when I quit drinking my blood got considerably thicker.
When I stopped bleeding it made it look like one or all of the elements in my acts were fake.
That's how part of my old routine became extinct.
Easy come, easy go. It was an easy transition to go from feral, treehugger, radical clownarchist protesting in the streets, getting tear gassed and shot with riot cop pellet guns to performing in nightclubs. It was kinda the same level of comfort and discomfort.
The reason I searched the country so long for a home was because I was looking for the perfect city to grow in.
Portland has let me do nice shows for kids and naughtyish shows for adults (often on the same day), as well as doing what I can to save the world since 1997.
We are just as comfortable at a 3 year olds birthday as we are at Dante's during fleet week.
It's all rock n roll in Puddletown, they don't seem to mind. It's a great town to be a clown.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The correct phrase goes "is the Pope Catholic?"

I almost corrected a stranger's conversation when she let "Is the Pope Italian?" fall out of her face.
(coach whistle) "Gotta call foul on that one. There hasn't been an Italian pope in 4 decades, your phrase is off-sides."
I'm very religious (about comedy mechanics.)
Fun fact: That last true Italian Pope only lasted 1 month. OK passing away from a heart attack after only 33 days rocking the biggest gig in Jesus-town is a not such a fun fact. Glad he found peace in our time.
Wanna get lost down the pope rabbithole (that didn't sound right) look up Pope Benedict the 9th. P-BIX knew how to party.
He sold the papacy twice to keep the fun going.
That's right neighborly. :)