Sunday, February 10, 2019

hustles and pilates

"Had a good sized show this morning but didn't make much dough. 
So we went-a-vid poking and lost a little more. 
Got home and met the lady we have been living with the last few days. 
We met awhile ago but hadn't much to say.
She is a fitness writer from New York city.
She hired us to be in her fitness viddy."
We had time to hit it off with our latest vacationing roomate.
We are house clowns at an inn.

 Our new friend Kerri had to do a video dispatch and Pilates demo for her fans back in the Big Apple.
We agreed to help for $20 each. First we filmed funny and tallbikes with me,
then Pilates and convo with Olive.

She is a tough girl. So tough she was mad at herself on the back of my tallbike.
"Damn it, I have been grinning non stop, I can't stop. I need to stop frikkin smiling, damnit!"
Olive was breaking Kerri's character too making her howl with laughter as we made her video segments and put them together.
We love when a normally reserved person belts out an awkward belly laugh at something. Adorable.
I made sure to have our camera going too taking stills.
While her and Olive taped the workout I was crunching out graphics for her.
Looks like we all respect each other as artists and basic super hero types. lol
Glad I didn't have to Pilate.
I like having abs that tell the tale of a clown who gets lots of free birthday cake.
So her favorite take of the intro she got my name wrong (Django) I told her I don't give a shlitz.
My fans know who I am,
I don't care what her fans call me.
We wrapped up and all went off in our own directions to finish whatever.
That was pretty fun.
I will try to share Kerri's dispatch as soon as her client publishes it.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Imagine how unreasonable a 3 y.o. is.

This Dude. Imagine how unreasonable a 3 y.o. is. Not the part where they throw a fit because something is the wrong color. I'm talking about the laughing at a joke that isn't funny part. "knock knock, who's there?, "bannannapumpkin!" That's my best 3 yo joke. No idea why it works but it kills. Imagine the joy of the laugh that non-sequitur gets and that is how one of our fans rolls 24-7. Pure joy and he is also a huge O&D fan. 

now we gotta build this bike. 

My man recently gifted us this portrait. He actually made an entire O&D comic book. I'm so impressed that a three year old did this, We get a lot of fan art. I think this is some of the best skill I ever seen. Can't wait to see what this Dude does when he grows up. I asked what the circles under Olive were. Everyone in the room scolded me "Those are balloons!" I didn't see that right away, I thought the kid somehow found my "too hot for internet" pics of us. Anyhoo, I'm super impressed with this artwork. I would make it our official Tshirt but unfortunately people are more likely to ask us for a free shirt than buy one so we end up folding every shirt run.