Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our second gig of the day was a bit odd even for us.

We were the last clue in a scavenger hunt. 
A bunch of suits were divided up into teams that were going around following clues that ended up in a nondescript warehouse. 

After turning a few more corners they run into Olive and Dingo circling on tallbikes. We go onstage and pull the curtain revealing who they had been hunting the whole time Big boss c.e.o. guy. He gave a speech (that I really liked) and told him the whole thing was dreamed up by him to make his team work as a team. He wasn't disappointed. His people followed the clues and found him 20 min. earlier than the organizers expected. 

I like gigs where we get paid to simply be ourselves. I like that we are well known enough to be a trivia question. It's funny that Olive has been carrying around that giraffe since last Friday. It's not exactly light weight but she loves it. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Japan in the house.

An adorable couple just arrived. They are cyclists who are touring this country. It's a riot overhearing Olive Rootbeer communicating with them. They don't know each other's language but it's still working out #clownpower
We live in a house that rents out rooms. Every few days we get folks from everywhere-elsistan.
We just had Dallas Texas in one room and a couple from San Antonio in the other.
I call them "metro-texans" because they are adept at taking buses and don't throw pizza crusts in the recycling.
Lately we have hosted pot smoking oldsters from the midwest, Middle Eastern folks, Euginians here for a show, Californians and lots of Canadians.
We aren't part of the business but we are the house clowns.
My favorite thing to say before locking the door at night is "Are all the guests in for the evening?" That's fun to say. In our old place my nightly concerns were more crime related "Do you think this door barricade will hold?.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Second thoughts.

We were coming home from our gig at Know Thy Food. On the way we dropped into a cafe to try and ask about a gig. The fact that it was empty at lunchtime was our clue that they may need our services.
Well they guy at the counter said he wasn't the owner but I told him what we were about anyway.
I told him we just left a busy cafe gig and that we have our own tea product that is currently selling out.
I informed him that we can draw customers from all around the metro and also point out his menu items. Keeping paying customers in seats is a huge priority for us.
As soon as I said that the shop owners pay us at least $20 per show, he said something that made me think he was the owner. He said no way would he pay.
He started complaining about a performer who filled his shop with people who didn't buy anything.
I know that nightmare.
It is the worst case scenario in our world too.

The man told us we had to pay HIM to perform at his place.
In that moment I realized that I didn't want to partner with him.
He had "tells" of a high maintenance friend.
He said "I want you to pay me a guarantee in case nobody comes and I still have to pay for the lights to be on.
I looked over my shoulder at an empty cafe, at lunch, with all the lights on.
We thanked him for his time, wished him good luck and I snatched the information back (out of his hand).
Then his face changed. I think it became clear to him that he was watching a potential score walking out the door.
He quickly said "Maybe you can come and perform for free?"
Me: "No thanks Sir. We are professionals."
Then we went on our merry way.
We see a lot of cafes close.
It's a hard business to be in.
I don't blame him for being cautious.
Still, it felt good to see his face at the end.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

"air conditioner"

Funny. Olive wakes me up today with the "air conditioner" that is a flurry of a thousand kisses.
But in my dream we were arguing with each other at a rowdy house party.
Her kisses are intoxicating but I'm still stupid enough to be looking at her sideways thinking "This is nice but I still remember those things my mind thinks you said at the party I made up while unconscious."
I wanted to go back to sleep and make things right with fantasy Olive before making out with actual Olive but it didn't happen.
That's not how the Air Conditioner works.


Friday, July 06, 2018

Crazy looking sunset tonight.

We were trucking down the road at top speed and suddenly Olive yells
"Stop! Everything is purple, lets take a photo!" 
Nice night in Ptown. Live bands everywhere and people having a blast. We rode around for hours living and loving together.