Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thai tea with the Wifee on Hawthorn then a quick stop at McNuggets for $20 worth of Super Silver Haze

Thai tea with the Wifee on Hawthorn then a quick stop at McNuggets for $20 worth of Super Silver Haze ($17 with the "Portland hookup" discount).

Friday, May 17, 2019

Counting man purses.

 Olive went into the grocery and I stood outside guarding the horses and counting cutoff cargo pants. 31 people rocking them. I had to give mine up when we started our relationship 10 years ago.
 "No woman this century actually wants to see her dude in those ugly things." 
I tried to put some on recently and Olive quickly gigs me. "Chill out on the man purse there Pearl that? Eyeliner? Start over dude." Fashion is frikkin brutal.

Monday, May 13, 2019

My computer has never seen a pronograph,

My computer has never seen a pronograph, never bought anything and never downloaded a game.
I'm freaked out about malware.
Then the creepiest thing was the anti malware notices that come with the computer.
They tricked me into buying $40 worth a "protection" that i already have.
Then of all places I log into club penguin hoping to connect with my 12 year old (that sometimes plays on a website for 7 year olds.)
Then suddenly I have a new browser and no clear path back. Boo!
Took me a while to remove all that mess.
To be honest I did open a porn site just now.
I was so curious what it would do if I typed in the search term "banjo". It wasn't pretty.
If you like banjos I don't recommend.
My own banjo has had more sexy adventures than people doing gross stuff to and on them. :)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

My kid (Robin P, E.M.T.) was having supper with us and talking about a Doctor she met.

 She was talking about the conversation they were having as she assisted him in sewing a man's ear back on. 
I say "wait, what? How did his ear rip?" She said "he fell" and went back to talking about talking (to the doc) I had to interrupt. 
"He fell?"
 Please tell me that part of the story (I'm all ears). 
She said the old codger had a stroke. When he woke up in the hospital he discovered he couldn't afford that hospital. 
He escaped back to his house intent on going to the V.A. hospital the next day. Then he immediately had another stroke and fell to the floor of his kitchen where he remained...for 3 days. 
The fall ripped his ear but Robin P says he was jacked up all over his body. She went back to talking about the doc. I interrupted again. "How could you have light convo with the old dude freaking out (as I would be). She said he was sedate, calm and into the convo too. 
Right on vets! 
Inspiring that he took care of himself even when the country he fought for refuses to take care of him. He shouldn't have to run away from a hospital. 
The VA is amazing but the politicians who don't fund vet programs create lots of problems. 
If regular health care wasn't such a monumental rip off then every hospital would be a V.A. hospital.

Olive got some pillows at the thrift shop.

 I quickly hopped into bed to try them out. "Don't lay your sweaty head on that pillow" I was confused. "What are we s'posed to do with them?" 
She said they were decorative pillows "They are for show" Now I'm really confused, last I checked we are both reclusive.
 "Who are we showing them to? each other?"
 She said "Yes." 
 Fair enough.
 So after this quick post I'm gonna ask my mate on a date to watch pillow for a while.