Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I found out I was classist since moving here.

Before when I heard a fight outside I would run out and break it up. People in the throws of desperation lash out. Clowns are good at straightening things out. Around here, when there is a fight it's people from the local expensive bars and restaurants. Drunk socialite's brawling doesn't move me to action at all.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

This just in from The Land of the Rising Sun.

Some of you may recall my story of meeting the couple from Japan who were staying at our house. 
We had rad adventures considering the language barrier. While here, it was clear, my "Homie from Kobe" Gen was obsessed with the idea of pizza. 

 Not a lot of ovens live Japanside. Well Gen just sent me these pics. He banged them rocks together and presto. Dude made a pizza pie from scratch just like I showed him. Rock on Donkey Kong! I hope he didn't use a microwave oven.

Someone auditioned for our clown gang yesterday.

 We said, "We would like to see a lot more of you...like double your weight and height a few times and try again."

Friday, November 16, 2018

lovely tip

I got this lovely tip yesterday from a parent of a fan (who has long since outgrown us.) Folks used to bring the teacher an apple, I'm not a teacher and Portland parents have very green thumbs. 

This stuff is so sticky it sticks to the wall. Dad knew what he was doing and managed to keep the budmold away as well as the pilferers. 
I actually got two of these yesterday. I got another mason jar of chronic from a different parent. 
This is why I love October. 
Everyone is harvesting those cannabis trees they grew all Summer. Thanks! I love a treat that comes with instructions.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

working hard.

car alarm

My neighbors car alarm is going off. I look outside and discover she don't have a car alarm. The prowler is just honking the horn, flashing the lights and yelling wooooo wooooo.  wooooo wooooo-wooopwooop neenawneenawneenaw weeeeo weeeeo woop woop.
I love D.I.Y. culture.