Saturday, May 20, 2017

rollin round doin crap

gassing at the gas station.

I was walking down the street today. I hear a bunch of racket coming from the gas station on the other side of some bushes.
When I got to the end of the shrubs I see what it was.
Two gas station attendants (women in mid 20's) are looking at me and pointing.
One says "It is him!" and slugs her friend in the arm.
That left me wondering if i really saw what just happened.
I went to walk towards them but one ran one way and the other went into the gas station booth and quickly closed the door.
I chuckled and continued walking. I think I might get on my tall bike and roll back through.
Maybe I will stop at a pump and ask for three cents worth of petrol drizzled on my tire.
I'm hoping that the slugging was a slug-bug kind of thing.
I see folks slug each other sometimes when they see us but mostly folks like to wave and yell.
It's a fine town to be a clown.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Political after the kid show

Quite often we do a kid show and then afterwards the kids play while us grownups talk.
 It can turn into a tiny town hall meeting. Today was like that. This discussion moved around between our gig, a coffee shop and a nearby park as we all drank coffee and ate bagels.
One of the parents had just got back from Austin Texas.
We were all fawning over how wonderful the city of Austin smells, the natural beauty of the landscape and the abundance of progressive ideas.
She was jealous of how Austin has a lovely river that people could actually swim in while our river is a sewage and industrial waste dump.
They stopped fawning though when they gave an account of seeing a group of Latino people protesting working conditions.
 She said the people in the cars in front and behind her were yelling epithets and cursing at them. So much for progressive humanity.
That led to folks talking about how many of them have conservative relatives who are awful to anyone who isn't white but pick a few people of color to "Forgive" so they can say they aren't racist. We see that a lot too. It's hard to understand since we live and work with people from all over the world. Our friends come from all walks of life and we can't imagine living in a mono-culture. 
I sometimes forget how much time and money is spent keeping people divided and looking at each other as the cause of their problems.
Also mentioned: family members who buy into Fox news and like to think everyone on welfare is getting a free ride (while ignoring corporate welfare, subsidies and corruption that is a much larger metric. People needed to mention how hard it is to see people they love so deluded. They actually think homelessness is some kind of good life. They give anyone grief for getting government help. That is until someone in their family needs public assistance. People are screwed in the head, part by the lack of good investigative reporters (internet killed the newsman) and people who seek out bad answers rather than allowing facts in. Such a nightmare.
 We don't ever hear opposing views because we all care about the future, we care about water, jobs, the climate, the schools, all those things that the conservative beta humans throw under the bus to follow a racist, authoritarian, plastic, alpha-ding-dong.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

1st rule of plumber's club..

1st rule of plumber's club...make sure you know plumbing before messing with some plumbing. 

2nd rule of plumber's club...don't bite your fingernails. 

The pipe out front of our house is spewing spew. I was gonna look at it but remembered that just because I'm a worker doesn't mean I'm qualified to do plumbing. We can let the pros chase that one out to the street. I will just sit here pretending we have a water feature in the flowerbed.