Monday, January 23, 2017

Portland Friday night resistance. 1/20/17

The sounds and grainy sights of the first night of a resistance movement.
My gopro was out of juice so I got this footage from my gal's phone. Crummy visuals but I love the sounds. That's the sound of the city coming together in a crisis.
Luckily it's not a natural disaster so we can break out the band gear and have a good time together.
Cold rainy night in Portland, D.T. is made president.
After our gig a clown gig we went downtown.
Clowns are diplomats so we went looking to ways to diplome.
It wasn't hard to find the protest, Olive was on her phone dialing into the protest network and combing hashtags, I just looked up and said "Or we can follow that helicopter."
Between us, we ran in the rain to the protest.
As we went people were everywhere. Lots of militarized police riding around. The cops we ran into were very friendly to us.
Then we got to where the action was and everyone was tense.
Thousands and thousands of people were marching in different tendrils. Everyone was here.
Paul the pirate found us and we joined another march together. We saw lots of people we knew and lots of army trucks full of smiling cops. They seemed to be having fun.
Lots of people were coming up to us saying "Hey my kid used to go to your shows!" :)
Then a Mom who's kid was just at our show an hour ago popped out of the crowd. We went to hug her and she said "stay back".
She was covered in pepper spray. The cops were trying to spray some teens and she jumped in front of the stream. They weren't doing anything wrong so she acted like a Mom. Her She was unfortunately miserable but the crowd was joyful.
I saw so many powerful people that it's hard to imagine the bad guys standing a chance. This isn't the mainstream protest, this is the real Portland.
When Trump won the election crowds gathered. People busted stuff up and the 20 people they caught were called "Anarchists".
I suspect those kids couldn't name an anarchist. Tonight we were surrounded by a legion of black clad anarchists and we never felt safer. The next day police reported ZERO arrests.
Anarchists aren't berzerkers. Most anarchists are educated or at least have good skills and high morals. We were surrounded anarchists yet we felt safe as a bug in a rug.
I feel that way around Teamsters too. My favorite chant tonight was "Get up! Get Down, Portland is a union town" This protest was a huge cross cut of Portland society. I was glad I didn't see anyone burning flags. We need to keep our country together. That crap don't do anyone any favors.
I couldn't help but notice the strong youth presence.
Those kids have a hell of a lot more Earth to inherit than those old prospectors who are gobbling up the national trust and our country's wealth.
We weren't grump tonight. Tonight it's a party. Like Ewoks getting ready to attack the Empire.
I loved the grey haired couple marching while hugging and talking about how they hadn't done this since the 70's, adorable.
People march but then we do even more organizing.
Most of the work doesn't happen in the streets but it is the catalyst for change.
Amazing things have been achieved for the country by the power of protest. We danced around with friends for a while but soon the cops got a bit aggro.
The riot cops started hemming us into a pocket. Thousands of people leaked in all directions like sand through fingers. We got out before all the concussion grenades went off. Nobody was damaging anything. In fact, the cops broke a bunch of windows and pepper sprayed into people's apartments. I know they were trying to do their job. I don't dislike cops.
Olive and I ran a few blocks arm in arm. Eventually we got out of the pocket and back to our side of the river. Thanks for being so brave Olive!
Trump beat Hillary but he never beat America.
I wanted Trump to win over Hillary because I knew the Bernie people are actually more powerful in the street against a tyrant than would be against the regular established type who has a lot of money and skills playing the long game.
So here is our take on it.
Remember; marching was just the opening day festivities.
The work begins now. Folks should call, call call all the elected officials, write letters, when leaders come to speak, show up and also do some speaking.
The actual actions are working very well, the protests and marches are just for establishing networks, trading ideas and healing our piece of mind. Trump beat Hillary but he didn't beat America.
If you disagree with any of my opinions and have to tell me, please do it intelligently. Ignorant comments make my point for me but I still feel sad reading my fellow Americans words looking ignorant.
I would rather be "correct" than be "right" so if I'm wrong let me know.
If you like my stuff and want to contribute please find us at
We are not an organization, just a couple of street clowns who really love the world and want to preserve as much as possible for our young fans.
Rock on Yall ~Dingo Dizmal