Tuesday, November 12, 2019

My son is 13 and totally a riot.

Yesterday he was meeting friends for a movie. We had to take him to a bike shop to pick up a lock for his tallbike. 
I was locking our bikes up so I had no idea why there was a crowd of perturbed looking cyclists surrounding him. When I got in it looked like a town hall meeting. 
The first thing I heard was a spandex clad man saying "Ulaanbaatar...why?" 
Olive wanted to get in, get out quickly and unobserved, that didn't happen because as soon as my boy went into Joe bikes he said (to the crowded bustling room)
 "OK listen up everyone (everything stopped). I have just one question...What is the capitol of Mongolia?" 
Because it's Portland someone knew right away. 
Then he said "OK I just have one more question! What would Canada do if it had a trillion dollars?" Another cyclist said "They do kid." 
That was the end of Bruce's townhall world events workshop. 
Olive gathered him up and we split. 
On the road I asked him why he did that. 
He said they looked too serious. 
Somehow he left them more serious than before.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

patio baristas

Throw back Thursday! Once upon a time it was Thursday. I was painting a rubber chicken on the back patio of our old place.
To my delight my partner surprised me with a mocha drink she made up from scratch.
I didn't see her set it down because I was painting but when I did get a chance to look at it I noticed all the bells and whistles.
Two kinds of chocolate even. It had a really exotic, robust flavor with just the slightest hint of nausea, great for rubber chicken painting.
When she returned I thanked her and asked "Where did you get the interesting spices and white chocolate?"
She said "I didn't include any white chocolate." At the same time we hear "CAW CAW CAW!"
At the same time we looked up above us at the phone wire to see two large crows sitting directly over the patio table. #naturalflavoring #patiobaristas