Saturday, January 20, 2018

I forgot how much I liked doing the garage sale thing.

I forgot how much I liked doing the garage sale thing.
 It was a great way to make up for some of the gigs we lost when we were sick but it was also culturally enriching.
I love garage sale relationships, they are unique.
These interactions start out with haggling.
First we haggle, then after the deal is struck, we put away our guns and connect as people.
I never get bored of that.
Clowns are diplomats. We are supposed to connect with folks in profound ways.
It's funny to watch "garage sale" happen with clowns in the mix.
It was funny that we constantly had to tell Olive that everything can't only be a dollar.
Anytime someone asked "How much?" Olive would say "A Dollaah!" with a smile.
We didn't just want to sell things, we wanted people to enjoy buying things from us. We wanted folks to have the story about getting a great deal at the clownz garage sale.
We had to keep reminding Olive that if everything was a dollar we would have to throw 50 more garage sales and there just isn't time.

YES! The fund raising garage sale was a success.

"This is the best garage sale ever. Most colorful, fun and lottsa great items" 
We kept hearing that and things like it. 

We did pretty good. Olive and Annie were charming and it didn't hurt that we were one of the only games in town. Garage sales usually don't happen this time of year. We were surprised so many people enthusiastically turn out. 

There were two people waiting for us at dark thirty in the morning, lots of traffic all day and after we got home people were at our door asking where the next one is because they missed this one. People donated amazing things that made a lot of people happy. We didn't over charge for anything and that also made them happy. 

Olive's Mom brought a tea carafe and everyone who came to the sale got free tea. That was a lot of fun with the community on a blistery chilly day. It was cold but we never got wet. Thank you Friends for donating items, we thought about you as your artifacts started new adventures. 

Tomorrow is moving day and we have some cash to feed people and such. We are also a bit closer to paying the first and last rent because of this epic sale. 
Annie was very generous for lending us her house and extra generous for volunteering so much time and not asking for any money. It was such a good experience we decided to gather some more goods and do it again next Sat. Thanks again everyone. ~Dingo

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our new crib awaits

New digs. Here is where we are gonna live starting next month.

After 9 years we are finally leaving the small apartment by the bottle return. It's gonna be less room but more secure and we get to be neighbors again.

It's interesting archaeology taking our place apart after so long.
I wanted to move out the traditional Clown House way (dumpster everything, then dumpster dive all new stuff from the new hood) but I guess Olive likes her things.
So many stories all over every inch of this place (I'm replacing the shower head so I can keep the current one with me as a trophy).
The rest of my stuff I have been donating by the box load. I just put stuff out by the street and boom, it's gone. It was funny to walk down the street yesterday and see two homeless looking people pontificating word salad while wearing glittery boas, my old crown and in front of them was a small garage sale of clown detritus.

Olive is a lot more sentimental than I. This is the only place she has known as an adult so I'm being as sensitive as possible. She wants to take most stuff with her.

We are moving in with good Portland people in SE.into a house that blends into the background. Perfect for hiding in plain sight. I have been living in public for over 19 years now. I'm so eager to go underground again. We have this top floor for us and the boy. The bottom 2 bedrooms are posh looking air BNBs. That means you can live with us if you have the feds to rent by the night. I'm looking forward to being a good roommate to the owner and the roster of strangers living downstairs. I imagine it would be pretty cool to be a tourist who rents a room downstairs from Olive and Dingo. We can give them the skinny on where to go, what to avoid and maybe even let a few ride our tallbikes.
We are paying the same rent as before but none of the bills. That should help us save up some dough to make an album. We are having a garage sale on the 20th to help cover the cost of moving.
We asked for G-sale stuff donations and got some neat items for the sale. The problem with that is the donated stuff is really cool. We have to be disciplined.
It's gonna be a fun sale. If folks don't have enough cash, clown with parlay for stunts and penalties.
"OK, ya want the clock? Lets see how long you can drink from the hose without stopping, Dingo just ate a plate of huevos rancheros...If he can't beat your hose drinking time then the clock is all yours Friend."
After the sale, everything gets re-donated into the community. We are very grateful.
Living somewhere else is a big step for us but a swell chance to grow and be proud of each other.
I wonder what it will be like listening to the police radio and not having what they are talking about be happening 30 feet away. I'm sure evesdropping on Portland will never lose it's luster. lol