Thursday, November 09, 2017

Olive and I just had a HUGE and very public, embarrassing lover's quarrel.

Folks in the deli were VERY concerned. Wish I knew how it turned out, we got distracted...also we were faking it.

On the way to lunch we strolled behind a couple who were really having a "H.vP.EL.Q." We eavesdropped until they unexpectedly hopped on the #9 bus. So we just carried on the bitchfest like clowns do. We knew our parts, we studied our sources. She was upset with him because he never listens to her (so I made sure to be talking whenever Olive's character was talking).
He was upset with her because...she was pregnant with a manchild's kid, himself. Olive has a great fresh preg face, very tragic. We battled it out until I accidentally won $5 at video poker. I only put in five bucks in the first place so our fake fight was instantly leavened by the healing buoyancy of neutrality surfacing in our little corner of the time and space continuum.

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