Monday, November 13, 2017

I love it when things just work out.

I was sitting in a deli this morning having a coffee. Suddenly the door flings open and what I know to be a tweekermerican walks in.
I call them that because they like rocking american flag bandannas. Dig this, I have tons of sympathy for folks with drug problems.
The system lends itself to chemically destroying people and I'm not about to be another victim blamer.
That said, I'm also very prone to getting seasick when sitting next to someone who can't stop moving.
This guy never stopped flailing and jerking around as he sat at a video poker stand right next to me.
I was strapping in for a bumpy cup of coffee. Then he saved the day. He put $20 in, hit the button once, lost it...and I guess that was all his money because he said "I guess that's all my money."
And he split.
To be honest, after it got quiet again I kind of missed him.

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