Sunday, July 02, 2017

I'm stuck home

I'm stuck home with a tree/tallbike related shoulder injury.
It's a drag feeling useless but I still found a chance to try and make a difference. Olive was grocery shopping, i was sipping coffee and trying to stay still.
Then a homelessamerican looking man tried to buy a small coffee but didn't have enough.
I searched myself and could find no cutter so I left my coffee on the table and darted off to get some cash from Olive. Eventually I found her, got 2 bucks but then couldn't find the dude who needed coffee.
I ran all over looking for him eventually finding him outside. He was turning a corner so I yelled "HEY!"
(Yeah that was all I could get to fall out of my face, I'm injured and groggy.)
Well, the man surprised me. He took off running.
By the time I got to the corner he had already crossed 2 big streets and hopped on a bus.
So there ya go.
Even injured I solved the homeless problem.
You're welcome.

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