Friday, June 23, 2017

Sometimes we bomb.

That means sometimes things don't go as planned and our show stinks up the place. We could have an equipment malfunction, our gear may not match the stage gear,
We could be in the blaring sun or freezing cold.
A heckler could wreck us or simply a loud conversation nearby. Often we think our fireworks didn't go off but the crowd was none the wiser because they had a great time. We noticed though.
Sometimes the patrons do notice and gripe me out. Mostly people remember the great shows and forget the good or bad shows unless something epic happens, then it graduates to a great show by default.
Once Olive passed out while singing and fell into the crowd (exhaustion/dehydration, she was fine), that was memorable lol.
We have a good bag of tricks to stay out of trouble. We have double speak and tactics to help us control what's going on. Luckily we didn't bomb today's 2 shows but bombing is inevitable, it used to destroy me.
I used to think I was finished after a bad show.
Now we just move on. No bad show is a career ender, stopping the show is a career ender.

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