Sunday, June 18, 2017

12 hour clown day

We did a 12 hour clown day. Three gigs with little time between. We came home beat...but satisfied to have the rent and child support covered.

Our first gig was charting a kids race doing a show and making balloons at a running event benefiting legal aid. Lots of white collar runners doing the thing and making a difference. I love the passion they all had.

they raised a ridiculous amount of money for legal aid. WIN!

Second gig was the Dadiator games. We performed and made balloon while the most fantastic Dad tournament was going on. It was exciting, they were competing (at parenting skill tests) for some huge prizes.
This was put on by a shop called Seahorses

Then we were off to the next thing.

Yeah baby. Got to do a gig by a toilet BAYBAAAAY! Yup O&D were situated right betwixt the potty and the Alpacas. I see we took the place of the american flag painted bean bag toss game. I don't mind working next to the dumper. I would perform next to a raging tire fire if it meant killing it like we were for these cats. Really hip street party put on by a cider brewery.

 At the end of the day I got both Olive and my portion of freebe foods (she was allergic to all of it) and Olive got all the freebe booze gifts (because I'm an alcoholic.) I love it when a plan comes together.

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