Saturday, May 20, 2017

gassing at the gas station.

I was walking down the street today. I hear a bunch of racket coming from the gas station on the other side of some bushes.
When I got to the end of the shrubs I see what it was.
Two gas station attendants (women in mid 20's) are looking at me and pointing.
One says "It is him!" and slugs her friend in the arm.
That left me wondering if i really saw what just happened.
I went to walk towards them but one ran one way and the other went into the gas station booth and quickly closed the door.
I chuckled and continued walking. I think I might get on my tall bike and roll back through.
Maybe I will stop at a pump and ask for three cents worth of petrol drizzled on my tire.
I'm hoping that the slugging was a slug-bug kind of thing.
I see folks slug each other sometimes when they see us but mostly folks like to wave and yell.
It's a fine town to be a clown.

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