Wednesday, April 19, 2017

throw back wednesday

I remember being in a rock bands in the 90's we had amazing rock stars but crappy business sense. We would delude ourselves with pointless goals. "If we can just get a PA system we will be in", then we get a PA nothing happened very loudly, "now if we just made a recording we will be in" we make a 4track recording, nothing happens "Now we just need 200 blank cassette tapes" we hustle 200 tapes sell enough to pay the overhead, nothing happens, "Now if we play so many gigs that we get too stressed out to want to look at each other" We gig until the band breaks up. Nowdays we are streamlined and don't waste anything. We exist as a live act and when people whip out the phones or video cams, I purposely make sure the sound and picture are unwatchable. I see it as stealing but I can't break the flow of the show to police my intellectual property. A couple years ago we did put one 6 min. song up for sale digitally. It made 99 cents in two years. We used our profits to buy everyone in the band a stick of bubblegum.

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