Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Republican media survey.

I just read the Republican media survey.
I didn't want to actually take it for fear of ending up on a list.
This really is manipulative.
It reminded me of being on the bus one time.
We were on the #4 bus. A dude got on and immediately went to the first attractive woman he saw.
His script was well honed. He says "Hi I'm Clarece, what's you name. Even if the lady was reading or talking he would still aggressively interrogate her. "Where are you going oh, to work? Where you work? They sometimes answered and he would repeat back the lowest form of that job. "Oh you work at a hospital, what do you do? clean up in the cafeteria?" (her) "no I'm a radiologist." That exchange really happened, that's why I remember this so well. Women would rightfully tell him to buzz off. The bus was crowded so he had lots of women to go through. It didn't seem to bother him that the lady he just talked to was right next to the one he currently was talking to hearing the same script. As I observed it dawned on me what he was doing. He was playing a numbers game looking for low self esteem. Before we got to our stop he had found a shy girl who was giggling with him and mostly looking at the ground. They got off together. Most of the folks on the bus were mortified.
That guys parasitic game reminds me of this parasitic game. They are playing a numbers game looking for disgruntled people who don't study much but do watch a lot of tv. They found a lot of them so far.
I know scams, everything about 45 is a scam, not even a good scam, it's like a Nigerian Email scam or a faith healer. 
So whack. It tries so hard to manipulate the incorrect answers it wants. It reads like an angry parent trying to get a child to talk bad about the other parent during a custody case. It
is a great lesson on manipulation. I wish all the country was smart enough to see this for what it is. Sadly people are dumb and hateful enough to fall for this. What a train wreck.

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