Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why I think corporations are dangerous (and should be highly regulated)

I can't explain why I think corporations are dangerous (and should be highly regulated) without writing a book.
A simple way is to read my first reference book on the subject "The Lorax" by Theodore Geisel.
Corporations are not all bad. I like the corporation for public broadcasting very much.
The idea of corporations can be good but the ones who aren't entertain a diabolic kind of darkness.

My friend Jimbo said.  "So many people are against large corporations employing 500 or more employees. When in actuality 51 % of our citizens work for them . Capitalism is a motivator. With high taxation comes layoffs ,an unstimulated economy, falling stocks , and Adventureally move there business over seas "

I see a credible source or two that say that indeed 51% of the USA work for corporations.
Also when researching this, I found that
1. most corporations are small and do no employ over 500 people.
2. That many people in the clutches isn't a good thing. It's why all the towns look the same.
3. I could easily write a book about this but I have no time. I social media post will do.
The market doesn't care about the people. It was actually designed to cut as many of them out as possible. Corporations are systems designed to gain profits and send them up the funnel.

Walmart is a corporation that eats small towns while paying it's workers so little they need government assistance. That corporation sends lots of money to China.
Corporations can buy laws that benefit profits and cut out alternatives that would be in the people's best interest. Ever notice how inexpensive pharmaceutical drugs are in other countries?
They purchase designer public opinion that get people voting against things like labeling food, taxing the rich, protecting the land. It's crazy what they get away with.
I'm not in that stream so I gotta call foul.
In my life, I made an oath to the Boy Scouts and the US Navy to take care of the country.
Big corporations have accountants. It's malpractice (against the clients) for those accountants to miss any opportunity to avoid taxes. They spend money lobbying laws that dis-empower regular working people and keep the money flowing. It's legal but it's not fair. These operations cross party lines and eat up the planet like a monster.

I don't think taxing big business on profits cause layoffs.
Trade deals with other countries and automation does.
This is just scratching the surface.
I'm not into this for any reason other than looking out for Uncle Sam.
My life is the same no matter what.

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