Saturday, August 06, 2016

I love when some caveman ignorantly brings a community together.

Just now, a pretty girl on the sidewalk attracted the attention of a man in a convertible. He was talking at her as she walked. He was apparently fishing for low self esteem. "Hey! Hey! You got great legs, anyone ever tell you that?" She just looked forward with a stern expression. "Hey, I could eat them like biscuits." Now he went from objectifying straight to wanting to consume her. They got to the bus stop and he says "What is your name?" Then everyone on the bus bench erupted shouting at him "Go!, Leave her alone! EffOff" I just yelled the word "Douchbag" over and over like an alarm (it was fun). He hit the gas and took off down the street sounding like the longest dumbest fart. Then the girl smiled at us and went on her way. We looked at each other nodding congratulations like we just saved the Titanic.

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