Friday, October 23, 2015


I want to decorate my bike for Halloween. Like everyone else; I wanna be in the spirit and have some fun. I don't however, want to give any cred to anything supernatural or anything domestic-violence-y.
No spooks, specters or psychotic episodes that leave dismembered sons and daughters.
People like a good scare because the relief hormones that squirt out when fight or fight reactions stop.
I was gonna make a ghost on a tent pole for my bike but I don't want to promote life after death. It was a great concept/lifehack around slave cultures.
I can see it being pretty handy around the giant slave driven public works projects of the bronze age.
In the modern day it's mostly used as an excuse to ignore/wreck the current world. That's not cool.
Not practical for Earth so I'm not selling it.
I can use the scientific version of life after death but somehow a "body-soul duality extension of the wave-particle duality of subatomic particles" isn't quite as scary, mystical or creepy and certainly not anything you can use as a platform to pontificate or judge others.

I think the coarse for me is to get the same chemical response by attaching a baby carriage to the back of my bike with a doll in it. Then the punchline is about stupidity rather than insane violence or manipulative superstition..