Friday, September 18, 2015

Neighborhood tree sit for the life of giant Sequoias

I went to the tree sit (to do my civic and Earthly duty) I found almost nobody there.
 It took a bit for my old noggin to work out that 2 tree sits are happening today. I was at 41st and Clinton. The other one is near Reed collage. It was very hard to find because you gotta go down an alley. Ultimately I used an old Lil Beruit tactic and just followed a squad car. The people were really nice and when I got there , they had just made the cutting crew back down. When I asked what they needed they said "Get us more people Dingo". Both sites need more folks backing them up. Here is your chance. They need more folks holding this down. It would also be great to bring them food and drink. It's safe to say I'm an old school Northwest radical but protecting the trees is one of my first memories. My Dad was a tree surgeon. He used to tell me "No amount of money is worth destroying a live specimen.

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