Friday, August 21, 2015

Fly to pie ride, rad Dad bikes and Portlandia

We met at a Portland park for a little kid ride. Our delightfully costumed friends were waiting for us as we showed up. Olive's bike had a busted tire so we ended up being a bit late (sorry friends). As we waited for others to show up a smiling fellow approached and greeted us " Hi Dingo!". I soon found out he was a crew member from Portlandia. They were taping right behind us. He invited us over to say hi. 

They were taping a dark themed scene. They told us the plot but it's not our story to tell so I will let them tell it. Great seeing our friends and lots of Portland crew employed with out of state green-backs, thats what I like to see. 

I went ahead to set the show up and Olive led the tiny ride.
Lots of folks turned out for the show so it was a lively event over at the Pie Shop. It was so busy I forgot to get one of the most important parts of the day....I forgot to eat some pie. LOL

This wonderful rig was getting it's first solo ride today. It's designed for disaster relief. If something like a natural disaster or anything that upsets the infrastructure of P-town this will be one of the only things on the road. I have seen enough of these things around to have some confidence. I remember during a big freeze one year, my spin bike was the only thing that could move over the ice and snow burms.

They let me ride this and it was challenging. It handles a lot like a boat. You an't feel a turn right away and it feels like floating. I almost crashed but it wouldn't let me. The trick to this monster is to be going pretty fast. Then it purred like a kitten.

then this happened

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