Saturday, July 04, 2015

"You People" most delicious part. (it hints that she came a long way to end up on the right side of history.)

Olive didn't have enough money at the grocery store. She tried to put some bananas back but the lady behind her said "No I got it", Olive is a proud woman so again she tried to decline. Then the lady cracked her up by saying "No you NEED those bananas". She graciously accepted the gift. As the lady departed she said "B.T.W. nice glitter eye brows and congratulations on you people getting gay marriage. That's why I bought your bananas". Olive was wearing street clothes but hadn't taken her clown make up off yet. I think the lady thought Olive was what a typical lesbian looks like lol. Glad her heart was in the right place whomever she thought she was hooking up..

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