Monday, June 01, 2015

guitar clinic

Got interviewed about guitarness.
I'm pretty good at it and i like talking shop.
I was approached by a fella who started by saying he saw one of our shows and noticed i was throwing down a lot of guitar.
He finished by left hand-complimented me by saying he liked my "Garage band" style. Garage band? What does that even mean? Is he saying my music is perfectly good enough to play for vehicles, seasonal decoration boxes and Granny's bike that she won't ride anymore?

Then it got weird. He asked "What are your guitar influences for the kid music?"
lol I honestly say
Kerry King, Jerry Cantrell, Mary Cardin, Nick Blumstedt and anyone who's last name is "Maiden" or "Surfers".
Then he wanted to know what type was my first guitar; I had to admit it was a coat hanger.
I was first shown the language of guitar by a fellow who was ancient in the 80's. His name was Jesse James Cayce and as a really young kid he lived a few doors down.
He showed me old school country style.
I got into punk and metal very young so all that went out the window. I have been in lots of bands and played a lot of shows since then.
He then wanted to know if I have any advice on how a aspiring guitarist could up their guitar game.
I said a good way that works for me;  is to eat a piece of greasy fried chicken right before you play and don't wash your hands. I found that out on accident. Works like a charm.
So cool how you learn about yourself by talking to others. I would hae told him more but his bus came.

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