Monday, June 01, 2015

anti-Monsanto march 2015

Off on some do=gooder crusade to protect the planet.
Good noisy time in Puddle town. People were great to us. Lots told us they came when they found out we would be there. It's our honor to be the spear head.
Portland was very patient and kind as the waited for us to go by.
I got a complaint for cracking jokes during my remarks to the crowd. There was a question if clowns undermine how serious the issues are. Well I have been protesting this issue in that spot for over 15 years in clown drag. Street theater is a huge part of getting the folks to see your side. When it's all anger; protests get the opposite effect.
I had no idea I would be asked to speak at all and I did the best I could on the chilly morning while folks grappled with technical issues and featured acts not showing up on time.
The cops were really cool. I'm sure that would have changed if I careened into the back of the squad car I was tailing. I have been at this so long, lots of the police know me by name and me them. "Dingo, your Bike's paint job is way better than in past years". "Thanks officer Bill, we are slowing down a bit so the old folks can catch up ok".
I wish I had battery life to tape all the speeches. Here is my wild footage off the bike's traffic cam.
Power to the people (not the companies).

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