Sunday, May 24, 2015

Old fellow catches me in his "pollution pocket" and I had to bail.

I can't be everything to everyone. A man sees me in traffic and rolls up while I'm waiting for a light. He asks "Did you make that bike? How do you stop, what kind of welder"? etc. His empty, idling van tail pipe was dumping death, his cigarette fouling the air ; I'm sure he is a nice Grampa and I love talking shop with old codgers but I couldn't get away fast enough. I did the smile, high-wave while silently backing away move. Then as I shagged off he yelled "If you want so much attention why are you taking off so fast?". Next corner a man started talking at me in an effected English accent. That was odd. Then after a mile or so, I rolled up to some young girls who started cat calling and cheering at me like I just played their favorite song. Hands up and sounding like tropical birds. lol I take that kind of adulation seriously. I know from experience that the best thing to say is nothing. Smile, wave and move on. Whomever those gals think I am is obviously way cooler than I actually am. 
Wouldn't want to mess that up by stopping to chat.

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