Monday, May 25, 2015

"Chicken didn't agree with the fish"

 "Chicken didn't agree with the fish" 
(36" X !8" Acrylic on canvas, $150) I asked Rootbeer if she would mind modeling with my new painting (for scale). She was all kinds of happy to help.

um...not the pose I asked for... but also one I can't exactly complain about lol.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Old fellow catches me in his "pollution pocket" and I had to bail.

I can't be everything to everyone. A man sees me in traffic and rolls up while I'm waiting for a light. He asks "Did you make that bike? How do you stop, what kind of welder"? etc. His empty, idling van tail pipe was dumping death, his cigarette fouling the air ; I'm sure he is a nice Grampa and I love talking shop with old codgers but I couldn't get away fast enough. I did the smile, high-wave while silently backing away move. Then as I shagged off he yelled "If you want so much attention why are you taking off so fast?". Next corner a man started talking at me in an effected English accent. That was odd. Then after a mile or so, I rolled up to some young girls who started cat calling and cheering at me like I just played their favorite song. Hands up and sounding like tropical birds. lol I take that kind of adulation seriously. I know from experience that the best thing to say is nothing. Smile, wave and move on. Whomever those gals think I am is obviously way cooler than I actually am. 
Wouldn't want to mess that up by stopping to chat.

Say.Do you have beliefs? That's cool, I have a few too.

They are hands down better than assumptions. I normally don't tolerate many of my own personal beliefs for long. Like in a game of pool : every move anyone makes changes the entire playing field. I have taken to interrogating my beliefs every 9 hours or so. Part to sleep good and part to keep from being an asshat in my beliefs. One of the red flags I'm looking for is confirmation bias. Folks with chronic cases of C.B. tie the world up in knots...and I don't wanna be one of them yuk yuk.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

whoop whoop



road bike

Great road bike weather. I inherited one a few years ago. It belonged to a neighbor whom I didn't know but claimed to be a fan. He committed suicide and his buddy gifted me this bike. Then it got weird. His light still had 2 almost fully charged C batteries. Now suddenly I'm in charge of a buried man's last possible potential energy. I'm riding a bike that is almost as fast as a car (in town) and I'm being stingy with turning on the headlight. It's the man's last fingernail of a grasp on this prime material plain. I may be really good at freaking myself out. The bats eventually faded out so I said some kind words over them before ceremonially shooting them into the next neighborhood with my slingshot. RIP still a great day for a ride.