Monday, April 27, 2015

Going Dutch

 Gig for the Dutch Society. It can be daunting when the kids are older and most of them have never heard of us. I also didn't know how our Portland "punk rock style" set would go over with the elderly Dutch Denizens. After we got them all on board it was great. The Dutch band called us a hard act to follow and the everybody was rocking to our music. This gig was extra special because Olive's family is Dutch. They turned out and got to see our show as well as the big crowd's pleasant reaction to us. I gave my son some money before the show so he could try all the kinds of Dutch food being offered, he took these pics and used his lunch money to buy a classic Dutch plastic leggo,killer robot...just like the ones in the old country. Thank you to Olive's Mom for looking after him while we did the clown thing. We made a lot of great new friends and had a fun family event.

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