Friday, March 06, 2015

President Carter

Never fired a shot while president. That wasn't weak, it is strength. J.C. was the only prez I ever loved. As a 3rd and 4th grader, (when not into Mad mag, Nat Geo, Penthouse and pop mechanics) I was all about Time and Newsweek and other publications and programs. Peace just broke out all around this guy; like a real life Andy Griffith. He always had 50 other solutions to world conflict rather than one crude one. The others mostly stir the hornets nest and tend to side with what's good for the military industrial complex. I liked President Carter not just because he actually cared about the entire world, not just because he keeps serving his country to this day...I also dig him because he shut the air con off the first day in the White house and served cookies and tea at meetings rather than lavish banquets. He wasn't hip to wasting the people's money on fat cats...and that really made them grumpy. I still remember all that going down so many years ago.

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