Monday, February 09, 2015

kiosk life

Sometimes i feel like a kiosk. It's cute, it's clever, it's an honor, it's expected...but it's also kind of annoying sometimes.
When I walk around in clown drag i often forget how i look.
We only see past our nose so when going from point A to point B it's startling to be called as a representative of the city.
People assume I have a proprietary roll in an environment they find me in.
They also often assume I'm a volunteer goodwill emissary. LOL I like making a difference but sometimes I'm just on my way to work and need all that commute time to get me act together. I forget I look like I love answering questions.
 I often have to tell folks "Beats me, I don't work here".
 Kind of like how people feel they can come up to the police, bus drivers and other civic workers, they come to us too.
"Hey Clown" as it goes...
" Hey clown, would you-
... tell me where Belmont street is?
...tell me everything I want to know about you and nothing I don't want to know?
....recommend a place to get lunch?
....look at this mole for me?
I would love to help but last I checked Tiffiny Adamson is the only person I know with sufficient cred to call me by the objectifying moniker "clown".
Anyone else takes a huge chance (like an ox in a tar pit) of getting hilariously buried in bad information from me (can't say you didn't know I was a clown).

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