Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ghost Pepper #17 good stuff

We got a care package from Shane and Amy Bugbee all the way from the Astoria of Oregon. Among the goodies (including zines, stickers and even some high end vanilla) was this hot sauce "Ghost Pepper #17".
 I don't like hot sauce but I love the Bugbees, so instead of waiting to use it for polishing pennies (yeah that's a thing) I decided to tuff up, make some damn tacos and try it out. It was so hot I could see tracers but it was also very good.
 The flavor had three tones the last one being the heat. It was like eating a lit cigarette and somehow enjoying it fully.
Now I'm hip to hot sauce...who woulda thunk it? 
Thanks S&A B! I'm still chomping down (I'm sure it will all come out alright in the end).

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