Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wedlocks: Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal wedding, video! Directed by Andrew Schaffer

I feel fortunate to be in the public eye enough to have a fantastic event like this without suffering a depression the day after it's over. We aren't much changed.. Oh, actually we are different in two ways, we have one heavier finger on each hand and second we have a new profound appreciation for our 
friends and family for being behind us all the way. Though my one speed bump may be a musical one...after getting backed up by a sweet high school Jazz band... how will I ever perform without one (1:06:41). 
Thank you Sandy High Jazz band, Andrew Schaffer and amazing crew for making this amazing video and live stream happen!, Stage manager Brynn, Lee, Dae, Lighting expert Gordon Gaude' Flower bouquet light artist & expertNathan Bennett , Shellye and David, Doris the wedding dress maker, Hollywood Vintage, My Groomsman Lyle KopnickyCarl LarsonBrian J Scrivner , Spencer T Dee, My best woman Lisa Loving, Olive's M of H Hannah, artist and bouquet maker, Indigo-cake maker, Audrey-artist, Liam, my sis Lisa, bro John, our Moms Alma, & Denyse, Dad Steve, Grandparents- Ed and Donna, Maya Spring BrownNatanya Bowers, Angel, Heather Baron Watts Everyone at the Oaks park set up, food dept, Martha Young, Noreen,Brian Sysfail rocking the bike parking, Leapin' LouieCurtis CarlyleJon Dutch, doing the amazing high flying antics Our officiant Rich Mackin,Heather Fulton, Bike parade photos Sean Strauss, taxi duty Jess Bass, Costumers, Photographers- Sarah HoytMallary Small, builders, bakers and volunteers, Annie Bosworth Foley, Lil A for taking care of the kid station, Usher Meghan Sinnott . The Clinton The Clinton Street Theater with Lani Jo,The Metro Clothing & body piercing, The Lippman Company. Andy Fix the D.J. Good times
. Thank you everyone who showed up or watched from home. 
We love you so much, thank you thank you thank you!!!!


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