Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wedlocks: Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal wedding, pre prep prep

 Rocking an Elvis wedding on Gandhi's budget requires lots of D.I.Y. Many cantankerous builds going on. Mostly all in our little apartment.
 I'm not hip to "the disposable items" culture but that said I truly love building things that only need to last as long as they are needed. Normally cardboard and cement aren't used as the only building materials. It's like building a vehicle that only needs to work long enough to hit the ramp. No need for wiper fluid in that rig.
 rehearsal at the theater.
live streaming crew, watch here
 16 piece wedding band practicing.
 my boy learned a lot.
 My Mom, Maya Brown and my sister sorting toys for the pinata.
 rehearsal dinner.
 bro, sis and soon wife
 Martha and Mom
 groomsman duds

Doing the rehearsing and the blocking for a wedding fiasco. This is my dear friend who only got better looking with age Gordon Gaude', doing lighting,

Olive's ring is a spinner pounded out by a nice lady somewhere in the Oregon.
 Our wedding officiant Rich Mackin will be preforming the nuptials (dressed as Santa). It will be his 10th wedding and my first legal one. MrRich Mackin has been in my life a long time and his New England punk rock style tells me we play by similar playbooks and his voice and opinions echo mine. He usually charges $500 but since it's easy and we are friends he just charged me with fulfilling his potluck duty by bringing a dish in his name. Done! Thanks Rich.
 He tells me he is inspired but not directed by Jesus...and luckily she was there today when we went to Mr. Mackin's home to fill out paperwork.

Maya and my sis mixin concrete.
Nathan Bennett also on lighting confers with Brynn and Olive.
Everyone is nervous and stresswed out. Been that way for weeks; but we are still satisfide that we did all we could to rock this wedding into the future. 
Wish us luck!

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