Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Big thank you to the fellahs who rocked my Bachelor party last night.

 It takes a special group to party with someone as boring as I. Lots of typical B.P. fare isn't my cup of tea so we went to Wonderland. We played arcade games and then saw the movie Guardians of the Universe. Great time! I loved that every face was a guy that I have know a long time, am happy are still kicking and they all have sleeves full of stripes that they earned over the years here in Puddletown. Thank you Lyle KopnickyWes SixeasBrian J ScrivnerJon DutchBrian SysfailKen SoutherlandCarl Larson and introducing Spencer T Dee. Thanks guys I had a blast.

I walked home alone. I wanted to take a last walk and reflect on my life before a chapter change.
I thought about a lot but was soon distracted when the song "Phantom of the Opera" from Iron maiden crept into my head. I had to them remember every note of the entire album. 

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