Friday, November 14, 2014

People have been really sweet to us on the road.

We have been getting a lot of goodwill out on the road lately. People are normally really nice to us but the last few days it's been off the hook. The weather has been cold and wet. We gotta go out an hustle so we are out there like colorful Popsicles.

Warm at home I tried to get into the people's heads to see what may be getting us all this love. Best I can tell is that they know what we are doing. I think we may be seeing some displaced "Santa in the snow" cred. That's cool. I'm not too hip to the consumerism involved in the Santa icon but I am pretty sweet on all the love, joy and good cheer of the holiday.
One person was dickish on the road today but luckily he got caught at a light. He simply yelled "Jaggoff". As I was rolling up the window was raising. I still had time to calmly say "Yes but a lot more romantic than that".

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