Sunday, November 16, 2014

Breaking out.

Epic tune from my youth that inspired me to venture forward making the long haul into the unknown.
My personal motivational gospel music needed to be secular and very technical.
This fit the bill perfectly.
I have had ignorant stints and some bouts with superstition but I still always have been the quintessential space age human. I see things as they are. No filter.

I was born Aug. 1969 right when mankind was touching the moon and burning the Earth.
The latter part put me at odds with most of humanity.
It took me decades to develop this swell "tude" I got going today.
As a child; religion and superstition never took as I had too much information not to see the most plausible explanation to the things around me.
As a teen, in church I recall being frustrated that I had more historical knowledge than most of the adults.
I remember thinking "Why are they concentrating on the Hebrew crowd control stories, Bedouin, camp tales and Assyrian legends when they should be discussing the most important part of the iron age...The Romans.
I thought church should be mostly about the policies, politics, tactics and discoveries of the ancient Romans and the comic book parts should have been left as side notes.
The adults were incorrect about so many things it was terrifying. I couldn't bare to see them going full speed ahead on bad science, hubris and manipulative, spiritual snake oil.
Everyone around me seemed to be in some way assaulting the planet and or each other.
 I was one of those feral creatures on the chopping block.
I had to escape or perish into the abyss of the hypnotized population. I was facing death, imprisonment or worse... groping around stupefied by a lullaby.
I come from a place that is so remote that it took a lot of preparation, effort and several tries  just to escape the vorTexas.
That is why this song rang so true to me.
But as all epic realities transpire, breaking out of my homeland only deposited me in the event horizon of the next big adventure. It wasn't easy but future struggles would forever pale in comparison to the initial lift off.

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