Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fun Tue. 3pm gig at the Forun cafe.

Olive's bike rolled over a tack so I had to ghost ride her ride home. She only had to stand on the road a few moments before she got picked up by friends. The original plan was for her to run home. She is really good at running and ya can't beat a good workout to crush the cold.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Breaking out.

Epic tune from my youth that inspired me to venture forward making the long haul into the unknown.
My personal motivational gospel music needed to be secular and very technical.
This fit the bill perfectly.
I have had ignorant stints and some bouts with superstition but I still always have been the quintessential space age human. I see things as they are. No filter.

I was born Aug. 1969 right when mankind was touching the moon and burning the Earth.
The latter part put me at odds with most of humanity.
It took me decades to develop this swell "tude" I got going today.
As a child; religion and superstition never took as I had too much information not to see the most plausible explanation to the things around me.
As a teen, in church I recall being frustrated that I had more historical knowledge than most of the adults.
I remember thinking "Why are they concentrating on the Hebrew crowd control stories, Bedouin, camp tales and Assyrian legends when they should be discussing the most important part of the iron age...The Romans.
I thought church should be mostly about the policies, politics, tactics and discoveries of the ancient Romans and the comic book parts should have been left as side notes.
The adults were incorrect about so many things it was terrifying. I couldn't bare to see them going full speed ahead on bad science, hubris and manipulative, spiritual snake oil.
Everyone around me seemed to be in some way assaulting the planet and or each other.
 I was one of those feral creatures on the chopping block.
I had to escape or perish into the abyss of the hypnotized population. I was facing death, imprisonment or worse... groping around stupefied by a lullaby.
I come from a place that is so remote that it took a lot of preparation, effort and several tries  just to escape the vorTexas.
That is why this song rang so true to me.
But as all epic realities transpire, breaking out of my homeland only deposited me in the event horizon of the next big adventure. It wasn't easy but future struggles would forever pale in comparison to the initial lift off.

Friday, November 14, 2014

People have been really sweet to us on the road.

We have been getting a lot of goodwill out on the road lately. People are normally really nice to us but the last few days it's been off the hook. The weather has been cold and wet. We gotta go out an hustle so we are out there like colorful Popsicles.

Warm at home I tried to get into the people's heads to see what may be getting us all this love. Best I can tell is that they know what we are doing. I think we may be seeing some displaced "Santa in the snow" cred. That's cool. I'm not too hip to the consumerism involved in the Santa icon but I am pretty sweet on all the love, joy and good cheer of the holiday.
One person was dickish on the road today but luckily he got caught at a light. He simply yelled "Jaggoff". As I was rolling up the window was raising. I still had time to calmly say "Yes but a lot more romantic than that".

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Sunday, November 09, 2014

I have been through so much it's rare to see something I have never seen before.

 I did recently see a new thing when the wind picked up a section of wood fence and smashed it on a pickup truck. Usually it's trucks that hit walls, I was glad to see this fence elect a suicidal, preemptive strike rather than wait for inevitable aggression.

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Friday, November 07, 2014

Watching my wedding come together is very moving.

 It's a huge effort, three locations, logistics, planning and lots of complicated jobs. Groups of volunteers have been coming together for months making this happen like clockwork. It looks like it's going off perfect, a little too perfect. Perfect isn't my style.
 Olive mentioned that I didn't do enough of the wedding plan making, so I came up with "the carpet sharks"brigade. I'm recruiting 4 or so 8 year olds to patrol the wedding dressed as sharks attacking drinks, hands holding plates and anything not nailed down. just a quick head butt from below yelling "Shark attack!" The last thing we want a wedding to be about is we already have the shark outfits.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Votey vote vote

My take on this votey vote vote.
1st day after the big vote. I didn't realize it but
 Oregon decided that it's ok to smoke pot in the street but unfortunately they also chose not to require lab food to be labeled.
What does this mean?
Nothing, I already know the difference between a Safeway carrot and a New Seasons one... pot is all around all the time. It's all biz as usual. Cops never cared.
A couple of years ago, i passed a cop scolding at a yelling homeless couple with the words "You two need to stop fighting and creating a disturbance,just smoke your joint and try and work it out calmly". I looked and they were holding a lit joint. wow. P-town cops care about murder, not j walking or some weed somuch.

GMO stuff is everywhere already. We know our corn tortillas are GMO, we just simply can't afford the real ones at a buck each. The real creepy foods are at "ethnic" grocery shelves. I call them the star trek colored food aisle.
Generally, the folks who care what they eat, already know, and the other sheeple are just gonna have to blindly blame birth defects, malnutrition and disease on...the devil, immigrants and Obama I guess.
The only part that is scary to me is that with the cannabis more legal than ever, it's that much easier for big corporations to turn the sacred herb into the abomination they made tobacco into.
The pot prohibition actually was protecting it from the worst ideas and now the gate has dropped.

If money was the deciding factor benefiting huge corporations {over the health of the people} then the system of government isn't actually democracy, it's a plutocracy.
 A nation ruled by the rich rather than good ideas floating to the top for the good of all.

My life doesn't change much, I'm still a clown, laughing and loving...but a little sad that in this Space-age we live in, folks are still very easily led to vote against their best interests. Maybe the next generation will mix it up for us, if not climate change will for sure.

If you find cheaper factory food than fresh organic you actually just end up paying later in medical bills. 
Does it mean anything that New Seasons and Dr. Bronners soap are behind it while some of the most horrific, poisonous companies ever threw a mint against it 
(Dupont, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Coke)?
 How much do you think they paid to have the Oregonian pre maturely announce the bill defeated? 
Do dirty tricks ring red flag bells? 
What does it say to all those people who took to the streets, and were easily trounced by multi million dollar campaigns.
 What about the workers and Indians who say they are getting poisoned in the fields?
 Weakening those ranks to throw more power at the corporations is just silly.

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Lots of people we asked why they voted against the measure gave identical statements that sounded a lot more like AM radio programming than a conclusion that comes from facts. My guess is that they are siding with the pundits and multiple pieces of high end advertising that came in the mail rather than siding with the workers and Indians begging for it to stop, or the Mom's and activists who just don't want hazardous food everywhere.

 It blows my mind that Kraft and Nestle are generally not considered what they are, poisonous. Maybe the reason there is no interstellar travel between planets is because as soon as a species is clever enough to master space flight, they are also clever enough to self exterminate.

Well we sure tried (along with thousands of other concerned citizens.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


Some store employees were tailing me. I reckoned they think I'm shoplifting. I decide it will be a real gas to take them on a little ride. In my pockets I have $20, a feather, some string, some D&D dice a jacked up marker and about 20 ping pong balls. I can't wait to be searched. I took them to the birth control shelf (most stolen item) then lightbulbs, then meat and as I was getting to the beer Isle I hear footsteps shuffling to me. My butt tightens as I prepare for the inevitable tackle and then I hear "Hey!.. weren't you in Portlandia?"