Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just found out the Pope now endorses the Big Bang as fact.

First of all...Eff You Pope! That isn't good enough.
If your first sentence doesn't start with "On behalf of our organisation we are dreadfully sorry we (among many other things) executed Galileo Galleli (for suggesting the planets revolve around the sun)."  it's meaningless to me.
Without a profound apology for (off the top of my head) at least...
1. Deliberately keeping millions of people stupid for hundreds of years.
2. Setting folks up for slaughter for selfish/corporate/military reasons.
3. Obliterating indigenous cultures and enslaving the people, erasing histories.
4, Irresponsibly misleading people about sexuality, reproductive health, the environment and diseases.'s coming across to this clown like Hot Topic parroting what the kids are doing just to stay relevant.

Our good people deserve better than that.

I would advise folks to stay away from any and all popes if they don't want to get corporate cult on them.

Second of all.. I crashed my bike this morning.
 I have some scrapes but the bike is fine so I'm fine. I was rolling to get coffee when I spotted a man sporting a perfect "Jesus mullet". Unable to stop staring I careened into the bushes. Amen
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